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Join Dysterra Twitch Drops event. twitch

Pair your Steam Account and Twitch Account to earn Twitch Drops.



First, pair your Twitch account and Steam account. Earn special items simply by watching Dysterra streams on Twitch.

After pairing your accounts, you can earn unique items when you fulfill the viewing time conditions.

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Twitch Drops Items
There are no registered rewards
Twitch drops compensation notes
  • You must watch Dysterra streams with the Drops Enabled tag
  • To get Twitch drops, make sure you pair your accounts prior to watching


Here’s how to get started with Twitch Drops.
Make sure you pair your Twitch account that you will use to watch streams with Steam account that you will use to play Dysterra.

Twitch drops how to connect
  1. 1 Log in to your twitch account

    Account that you will use to watch Dysterra streams.

  2. 2 Log In to your Steam account to start pairing

    Be sure to log in with the account you are playing Dysterra with.
    If you receive Drops rewards before playing the game, the reward may disappear.

  3. 3 Watch Dysterra streams on Twitch.

    Watch Dysterra streams on Twitch.
    Earn items from your Twitch inventory after fulfilling viewing time conditions.

  4. 4 Didn't you get the Drops reward?

    If you haven't received the Twitch Drops reward,
    Click the "Request Reward Repayment" button on the right.

Twitch drops connect notes
  • If you face problems, check out FAQ for further explanation